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1.78 ctw. Original Large Blooming Beauty Flower Ring – bbr434

Center Diamond Not Included

1.78 ctw. Blooming Beauty Rose Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

  • 1.78 ctw. Blooming Beauty Flower Ring
  • Large Original Blooming Beauty Flower Ring at a Different Angle
  • 1.78 ctw. Blooming Beauty Flower Ring Laying Down Small
  • 1.78 ctw. Blooming Beauty Flower Ring White Background Small
  • Large Blooming Beauty Flower Ring on the Finger / Hand
  • Original Large Blooming Beauty Flower Ring Standing Up Video

    Standing Up

  • Original Large Blooming Beauty Flower Ring On the finger and Laying Down Video

    Laying Down

  • Original Large Blooming Beauty Flower Ring On the Finger / Hand Video

    On the Finger

  • Comparison between the large and small Blooming Beauty Engagement Rings Video

    Compare the Large and Small version

$4300.00 (14K Gold)

Other Metals:

18K Gold - $4550.00 Palladium - $4550.00 Platinum - $5600.00

Gold Options:

White, Yellow, Rose and Two Toned Gold
Blooming Beauty LLC, Online Retailer, Saint Paul, MN

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Center Stone Options to Save Money

A center diamond is typically what people want, but they can be expensive, so we'd like to put some more options out there that you may not of thought about.

Alternative to Diamonds

White Sapphire: Sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds. When cut perfectly they look amazing, and can easily pass for a diamond. You can go much higher in carat weight and save thousands.

Colored Gemstones: We used to sell only to jewelry stores and wholesalers, but since we started selling directly to the general public we were astonished by how many people wanted a sapphire or other colored gemstone as an alternative to a center diamond. Again, they look amazing especially with the high quality side diamonds we put in each ring. The color really pops, and it gets noticed.

Moissanite: Probably the closest you can get to a diamond without it actually being a diamond. They can cost thousands of dollars less than a comparative sized diamond, and unless you're a gemologist or trained jeweler, you won't be able to tell it's not a diamond. The reflective properties are almost spot on to a diamond, and they can really sparkle. Especially if you purchase a quality moissanite.

Cubic Zirconia: Typical cubic zirconia would have a hard time passing as a diamond, but there's such a thing called AAA Cubic Zirconia, and they look leaps and bounds better than any lower grade CZ. Typically costing around $50 to $150 for a 1 carat stone.

If the funds are little tight, don't wait to propose! There's no need to. Using one of the options above, you can literally save thousands, and your diamond engagement ring will look amazing. Especially if you go with the white sapphire or moissanite. Go with what you can afford, right now, and if you decide to purchase a diamond later, after you've had time to save for a the perfect one, come back and we'll help you get the best deal possible.

Call and talk to us about the options above. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if you decide a diamond alternative is for you, we'll even do the searching for you to find the best deal we can.


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Product Description:

Our most prestigious ring. The Large Blooming Beauty Ring has gorgeous channel set diamonds encased by two sides of slightly smaller gorgeous pave set diamonds to make up the band. Moving up the ring you'll see pave set diamonds artistically covering all the flower petals. Our most sought after design. Impossible to duplicate with perfection. Truly a one of kind engagement ring setting. This flower ring will only hold a 1.25 to 3.5 ct. round center diamond.

If you are interested in setting a smaller center diamond may we suggest the 1.37 ct. Small Blooming Beauty Flower Ring. It's the same as this one, only a little smaller so that it can accommodate a smaller center stone proportionally.

Take a look at the video below to see the differences.

Difference between the large and small blooming beauty engagement rings
Difference between the large and small blooming beauty engagement rings video

Large 1.78 ctw. on the left | Small 1.37 ctw. to the right

All our videos and pictures are REAL, not 3D renderings or drawings.

All diamonds are a bright white G-H in color. 100% eye clean VS2-SI1 clarity, and cut with the utmost professional care to give amazing brilliance and sparkle with every turn of the ring. Available in 14K and 18K white or yellow Gold, Palladium or Platinum. Setting does not include a center diamond.

Please read this if you are looking for a center diamond for this setting.

Engagement Ring Specifics: Ordering Specifics:
Carat Weight: 1.78 cts. Shipping Time: This ring is made to order and needs at least 10 – 14 business days to ship.
Color: G-H Shipping Cost: Shipping is free to the Continental U.S. International shipping is not free and you should call first before ordering.
Clarity: VS2 – SI1 Resizing (if needed) Free one time resizing if needed.
Accent Diamond Shape(s): Round Sales Tax No sales tax unless ordering from the state of California.
Min / Max possible sizeof a center diamond: 1.25 cts. to 3.5 cts. / Anything smaller please click here. Anything larger please call for pricing. Ring Box: You will receive a beautiful ring box with your order.
Will work with these shape(s) for the center diamond: Round Condition: This ring is made to order and will be absolutely brand new.

About the Side Diamonds in this Unique Engagement Ring:



The side diamonds of this engagement ring are G - H in color.

What this means is...

ALL the diamonds are virtually colorless. With a G/H color you get all the bright white of the D-F colors, but without the high price tag, and you avoid all the undesirable yellow tint of colors in the "I" and less colors. All your side diamonds are guaranteed to be bright white!

Take a look below at the color scale to get a better idea.

diamond color chart


All things being equal in two or more separate diamonds, with the naked eye, it's extremely hard to tell the difference between small D-F colored diamonds and G-H colored diamonds. In other words, by staying within the G-H color range you'll still get that same amazing white sparkle that you'd get from a D-E-F color diamond, but at a much cheaper cost.

Though most people will tell you that an I and J colored diamond falls in the colorless category, it's simply not so. There will always be a visual yellow tint in an I and J colored diamond, or below, and the difference will always be a more yellowish sparkle.

The Side diamonds of this engagement ring are VS2 - SI1 in clarity.

What this means is...

ALL the diamonds are absolutely eye clean. You will not see any inclusions such as black carbon spots, cracks or feathers with your naked eye. You would need a microscope to see any flaws. With a VS2/SI1 clarity you get all the visible perfection of the higher grades, without the huge price tag, and you avoid all the unsightly inclusions that you will see if you purchase a SI2 or lower clarity. Your side diamonds will be absolutely gorgeous to look at.

To get a better understanding of diamond clarity, please, take a look below.

Diamond Clarity Chart


All the side diamonds will have a cut grade of excellent to very good.

What this means is...

When your diamonds have a cut grade of excellent to very good you can be sure that you will receive the most sparkle from the diamond(s). This is because every facet (the mirror like sides of any diamond) are cut in such a fashion that they will reflect all light that hits your diamond up to the top where you visually see the sparkle and glimmer. With lower cuts you will get light leakage. Meaning the light that hits your diamond will not be redirected up to the top, but most of the light will be reflected out the sides making your diamond appear dull. All of your side diamonds will be absolutely full of life and brilliance.

Adding a Center Diamond

This setting does not include a center diamond. However, we can find one for you if do not have one. Being an engagement ring designer we have access to diamonds you might not see on any other website, and we have access to prices usually much lower than those you see anywhere else (In most cases). Just give us a call and ask us.

Please be aware that if you need us to find you a great center diamond, we usually will talk to the diamond dealers themselves to avoid all the middle man costs. If we find you one, we will let you know right away. We say "Right Away" because the deals we get from other diamond distributors / dealers are "private" deals that will last for a few days at the very most. After that, if you take no action (such as purchase it), the diamond distributor will make that diamond available to the public again. This is just the way the diamond industry operates.

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