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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings are a style of engagement setting that typically features a center diamond that is surrounded by multiple smaller diamonds. This beautiful ring style is available in just about any diamond shape including the very popular Round and Princess cuts, as well as the more unique diamond shapes such as Cushion, Radiant, Marquise or even Emerald cut.

Engagement ring styles will come and go, however Halo engagement rings offer timeless beauty.

Tip: Halo Engagement Rings radiate brilliance and sparkle because of all the diamonds that are wrapped around the center diamond.  Another benefit of a Halo style setting is that it can make your center diamond look larger, as well as keep your overall cost lower.

Take a look at our 3 most popular unique engagement ring styles!


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Compare Both Original Versions

Halo Engagement Ring With Round Pave Set Diamonds


Please be advised that the prongs on the ring are not in their final position, as they would be with your completed engagement ring. We have only temporarily placed a CZ in the setting so that our customers would have some idea what their "finished" Halo engagement ring would look like.

In this Halo Engagement Ring video we are showing one of our most popular Halo engagement settings. Halo engagement rings are HOT, and no other is HOTTER than our Blooming Beauty Ring style #bbr-441, with a full 3/4 carat total weight of accent diamonds on the "Halo" and "band portion" of the setting.

These are not low quality diamonds like you find in so many of those overpriced "designer Halo engagement rings" in almost every jewelry store out there. We use big, bright, crystal clear sparkling diamonds in all of our settings. You will see the difference in the massive amount sparkles and just the overall "brightness" of the entire ring. That is when you just know that you have a ring that is ABOVE THE REST IN QUALITY!

Where you will typically see diamond color grades in the I-J average color range, we use F-G average color range diamonds. Even with our amateur video skills, you can see how beautiful the diamonds are in our rings. We don't have to hire a professional videographer to make our rings look beautiful because the rings take care of that themselves!

The average clarity grade of our diamonds is SI1-VS2 average clarity, whereas our competitors will say something like "SI", meaning they could be as low as SI3, which is just a glorified I1! Even though we say that our average clarity grade is VS2-SI1, don't be surprised if your appraiser tells you that they are even higher.

This Halo engagement ring will hold a round diamond in the 3/4 carat to 1 1/2 carat range. But don't despair if you want a Princess or Cushion Halo engagement ring because we have them too. And if you are looking for a Halo setting that will hold a smaller, or larger diamond than 3/4 - 1 1/2 carat, just call us and let us know what size diamond you have. We will be glad to make a Halo engagement ring that is perfect for any size diamond.

If you would like to see this setting in person, please call us at (213) 222-8868 to visit us in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, California. Please be aware that for security purposes, we do require an appointment in advance.