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The Blooming Beauty Ring is a “one of a kind” handcrafted showpiece that is sure to delight with it’s unique design, highest grade diamonds and incomparable beauty. A crowning achievement!


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New Technology Is Great – Sometimes

Although the internet has changed the way that many couples shop for unique engagement rings, our family run small business believes that some things should never change.  Personalized customer service and superior craftsmanship are two things that should never be replaced, especially when it comes to something as important as your new engagement ring.  In today’s hustle and bustle world it seems that the only unique things that are left are a handful of companies that still care about exceeding their customer’s expectations.

Shopping Cart Versus No Shopping Cart

By now if you have been to other jewelry websites, you will know that our decision to not include a shopping cart on our website, is indeed a unique decision.  You might even think it’s a little strange that we don’t offer this “super easy” way to buy from our website.  However the problem with a shopping cart is that in our opinion, it actually makes the process of buying our unique ring settings too easy.  This purchase is likely going to be one of the largest purchases that an individual will make in their lifetime, as well as one of the most important purchases they will make.  It’s because of the unique nature of this purchase that we want our customers to call us before spending a dime on anything we offer.  Although we embrace new technology when it’s appropriate, we hate the idea of an Internet Shopping Cart standing between us and the opportunity to “get to know” our new customers, and for them to discover who we are.

So if you plan on purchasing one of our hand-made settings, you will have to call us to place your order.  On the other hand if you would prefer to buy an engagement ring without ever having to speak with anyone, there are plenty of other jewelers out there that will be more than happy to lend you their shopping cart to buy one.  While we certainly respect your decision to buy a ring that way, we hope that you will also respect our decision to be more involved with our customers.