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Deal of the Day Terms

~ FAQs and Terms for Deal of the Day Items ~

Terms and Conditions pages are long and lengthy. Usually hard to read and remember. So we've set up the Deal of the Days Terms in a FAQ model. Please call if you have any questions.

Deal Of The Day Difference

If you want to buy an engagement ring or jewelry that comes with a free lifetime warranty, free sizing, free cleanings, free maintenance, free shipping or “all of the above”, then Deal Of The Day listings are not for you. None of that is included if you purchase Deal Of The Day jewelry.

If you would like to receive complete customer care with your purchase, then please consider viewing our company’s own line of unique engagement rings instead.  There you will find engagement rings that our company designs & creates by hand and come with a 30 day money back guarantee, free resizing, free cleaning, free maintenance, free shipping and all of the complete customer care that you will ever need.

Who Are "Deal Of The Day" Bargains For?

Deal Of The Day bargains are exclusively for customers that want to buy engagement rings & jewelry at the Lowest Possible Price, and who are willing to forgo some of the “extras” that increase the cost of jewelry.

Are The "Extras" Available If I Want Them?

We prefer to keep all Deal Of The Day jewelry prices as low as possible, for those customers that can’t afford to pay a lot for jewelry, and also for those customers that just don’t want to pay a lot.  However we do want all of our customers to be happy with their purchase so they can truly enjoy their fabulous jewelry bargains.  So if you would like to pay for optional products or services such as cleaning, polishing, resizing or a gift box, we will be happy to provide them for a very reasonable fee.  Please call for pricing, as each item will be different.

Can I return A Deal Of The Day Item?

We do provide a 7 day return policy on Deal Of The Day items, unless stated otherwise in the listing.  In all cases of returning an item, your refund will be issued in the same fashion that you paid.  In some cases however it may be required that a check be mailed to you, which will be done in 3 to 5 business days.  If you choose to return an item within the allowed 7 day return period, you are responsible for return shipping charges, no exceptions.

Are Deal Of The Day Items New Or Used?

All Deal Of The Day jewelry originates from several different sources and several different companies.  A large portion of the jewelry originates from jewelry store liquidations which can include brand new items, estate items & pre-owned customer trade-ins.  It is important to understand that often times when our vendors acquire jewelry from a liquidation sale, it is impossible to determine with 100% certainty whether an item is brand new or pre-owned.  Therefor we never guarantee whether an item is new or used.

We provide all information that is provided to us as to the condition and origination of the jewelry item listed for sale.  Even though we can not guarantee with 100% certainty whether an item is new or used, we do our best to describe the condition of the piece through information that is provided to us, as well as the photos that are provided of the actual item.

Is There A Warranty On Deal Of The Day Items?

All Deal Of The Day Items are sold “As Is”, meaning we offer no warranty on any Deal Of The Day item, expressed or implied. No exceptions.

If I Buy Deal Of The Day Jewelry & It Breaks, Will You Fix It?

Since we are professional jewelers that design and manufacture our own line of unique engagement rings, we are capable of fixing most broken jewelry.  If you wish to send the item back to us for examination and we determine that we are able to fix it, we will be happy to fix it “at our cost”.  Please note that “our cost” will include a labor fee that will be quoted after we have the opportunity to examine the piece.

The entire purpose of Deal Of The Day jewelry is to sell it for the Lowest Prices Possible.  In the event that you buy Deal Of The Day Jewelry that requires repair, it is unlikely that the extra added cost of the repair will “offset” your savings.

How Do I Pay For Deal Of The Day Jewelry?

Deal Of The Day jewelry bargains that are $500 and under may be paid for using a credit card or debit card.  All Deal Of The Day jewelry bargains over $500 must be paid for with a Bank Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit

How Do You Ship The Item?

All jewelry is shipped with full insurance and signature required.  When paying with a debit card or credit card, we will only ship to the authorized address that is on file with your bank, and a confirmed address with Paypal.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The authorized address is typically where your statements are mailed to.  If you have any doubt as to where your authorized address is, please contact your bank or credit card company 72 hours in advance, in order to confirm that your authorized address is the address where you want to have the jewelry shipped to.  Doing this will prevent delays in processing your order.

When Paying With Bank Wire Or Direct Deposit

When paying for an item via bank wire or direct deposit, you may choose to have your item shipped anywhere. However please be aware that you are solely responsible for ensuring that your package is shipped to a secure address and will be signed for by someone you can trust.