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Romantic Ideas

~ Romantic Ideas that don’t cost much, but are still Romantic ~

Meeting the love of your life and knowing that they love you too is truly an amazing event.

You know all of the reasons why you love your partner and chose them. Most people don’t actually take the time to realize that their partner chose them too! Of the billions of people on this planet to choose from they chose you! That is something for which you really should show your appreciation. Whatever their reasons, your partner wants to be with YOU! So you need to make sure nothing happens that will negatively impact that choice. Cherish your special someone. Let them know everyday that you love them, and tell them not only in words but also by your actions.

Whenever possible, try to adjust your daily schedules to include quality time for you and your partner. Always keep in mind that this isn’t time wasted; it is time invested. Investing this time can help to strengthen your relationship. This daily interaction with your partner may potentially help to keep the lines of communication open. It can also increase your opportunities to provide support for your partner when it is needed. If you use this time wisely, it can prove to be extremely productive. Some days you may feel that your quality time has become boring. This is not anything you need to immediately worry about. It happens in almost all relationships. Really all you need to do is use a little bit of creativity to come up with new and interesting activities to do. I have listed some more common activities below that you may want to try, but don’t be afraid to be a pioneer with your activity ideas. The more creative and spontaneous your activities are, the more likely it is that you will both have a lot of fun!

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Here are some activities to try individually or in combination:

  • Candlelit Dinner
    Prepare your sweetie’s favorite foods and enjoy the meal together by the glow of candlelight. Add a little extra by pouring some wine and playing mood music. Let your creativity go wild with this activity to make it a little more original.
  • Picnic
    The options for this activity are truly endless. Grab a blanket and fill the picnic basket. Choose a place to set up your picnic where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Bubble Bath
    Draw a bath, add bubbles, light a few candles to set around the room, play relaxing music, bring in a bowl of strawberries you can feed to your sweetie, and pour a couple glasses of champagne.
  • Star Gazing
    The farther away from city lights you can get the better you will be able to enjoy this activity. Grab a blanket, a pint of ice cream and a couple of spoons!
  • Watch the Sunrise/Sunset
    Everyone knows how beautiful sunsets can be, but most don’t realize that sunrises are just as beautiful! It is usually more peaceful and quiet during a sunrise as well. Check your local newspaper for the current sunrise or sunset times and weather information. Get to your observation point early, snuggle up and enjoy the show!
  • Horseback Riding
    Look up your local ranch and make an appointment for two. Be sure to mention that you want to be alone with your partner. They may insist that you have a guide if it is a first time riding for you or your partner. If this is the case, just mention to the guide that you would like to ride behind them a little so you and your partner can have a little privacy. Take in the scenery and the peacefulness of being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Walk on the Beach (or along a lake, river or stream)
    Kick your shoes off and walk along a sandy beach. Enjoy the rhythmic sound of the waves and the fresh breeze. You can even make a sandcastle fit for a King and Queen or gather seashells. If you are not able to walk along an ocean beach, you can walk along a lake, river or stream. These bodies of water can have a similar effect. Find a quiet place to sit and talk or cuddle and kiss. Let the water work it’s magic!
  • Walk Through the Park
    This activity can be done at just about anytime of the day. You can pick your sweetie up from work on lunch break and bring along some sandwiches. Just relax in one another’s company and enjoy the world around you. You can also double this activity with a picnic!
  • Hiking in the Woods
    This is another great way to find alone time and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Being out in the woods is a great way to energize and relax at the same time. Bring a backpack with a blanket, water and a snack. Find a beautiful site to sit and enjoy with the person you love the most.
  • Sleigh Ride
    When winter has arrived you can bundle up to enjoy a sleigh ride (or wagon ride). Check your local community calendar to find out when and where this activity is offered. After the sleigh ride, snuggle up next to your sweetie in front of the fire place and warm yourselves with a tasty mug of hot cocoa!
  • Go to a Day Spa Together
    Schedule a day for you and your partner to relax and escape the everyday stresses at a day spa. Call in advance for information on which activities you would be able to enjoy together.
  • Play Love Games/Intimate Games
    This activity will take a little more planning and creativity, but it will be well worth the efforts in the end. Use the elements of surprise and mystery to achieve the best outcome. There are many varieties of games that you can purchase at novelty stores or online. You can add a more personal touch by using creativity to make a game of your own. One idea is to leave a note on the door telling your sweetie to follow the notes written and hidden around the house. Write the notes in riddle that your partner can follow to find a “treasure” (or you). Example: “To find your next clue, look where you would find a tool to eat hot soup.” Leading them to the kitchen drawer where they would find a spoon and their next clue. Eventually the notes will lead them to the “treasure.” Another idea (best if kids and pets are not around) is to leave a trail of kisses or another treat that can be followed. At the end of the trail they will find their ‘treasure” you!
  • Snuggle up to Watch a Movie
    Plan a night when just the two of you can snuggle up together and watch movies. Remember that the movies you choose may potentially set the mood for the evening. A romantic movie is probably the best choice if you are trying to achieve a romantic mood. However, if neither you nor your partner enjoy romantic movies, then this may not be the right choice for you. If you and your partner don’t enjoy the same movies, then choose one for you and one for your partner. You can add a little extra by stopping at the store to buy a variety of movie theater style candy and by popping some popcorn.
  • Create a Scrapbook or Memory Treasure Chest Together
    A great way to celebrate your relationship is to create a safe place to store your memories. This will be a box or book that will hold your photos and other mementos such as ticket stubs and other items that hold a special memory. You and your partner can add to it and work on it as often as you would like. Adding to this project is a great way to invest your quality time. When choosing your storage box or book, be sure your to choose those that will be able to survive wear and tear of many years to come. Make it a tradition to bring the box or book out at every anniversary.
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