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Proposing the Right Way

~ The Art of Proposing ~

Many-a-tales and legends have been created so far on the topic that exhibits a certain panache at the very mention of it; proposing for marriage or the very thoughts of it have so far sent many-a-hearts aflutter with its sheer elegance.

We noticed that gargantuan dreams often crumble into broken pieces for minor mistakes; the reason, as most people claim is nervousness; if not, then a prolonged prelude to the main theme often bores the would-be-bride to death, figuratively. Thus, a few words on the act of proposing so that the answer doesn’t become a stern “NO!”

The usual trend is the man proposes marriage to the woman; often a part of rituals, normally it involves the presentation of the engagement ring and a formal question for the affirmation. But the recent times have also seen the tables turning; its no more a surprise to hear that a woman approaching a man with the proposal for marriage.

The Art of Proposing

Like in Ireland, 29th February has been officially declared as the day when a woman can propose to her partner. And with the world currently being a wired entity (thanks to Internet), proposing online has become sort of a fad. Certain people claim it to be better than proposing on the face (we bet they are the most nervous kind); however, arguably, it takes out half-the-joy or the excitement out of the whole game.

Quick facts on the act proposing.

  • Marriage proposals and romantic dinners: The idea of a candlelight dinner at an elegant restaurant is no doubt romantic, but creativity has a separate definition. There’s no point in flaunting how fat a man’s purse is if it doesn’t tickle her funny bone. Lack of originality while proposing makes women feel disappointed.
  • Pleasant Surprises: Showing up out of the blue for proposing to a long-time partner with small surprises (candies, flowers and music are good for that) and witty but elegant words is often the key to success.
  • Natural Effects: Women love nature and its beauties; nothing can come as a bar if proposing occurs amidst a lush greenery or at a picturesque location.
  • Assurance: Security and assurance is something that dominates the female senses; the worries they often face regarding their life after marriage is what bars a lot of them from accepting a proposal. Thus, making the proposal a public one is a sane choice; a newspaper ad or a radio announcement often helps. The idea is an unique one and creative as well.

All the above was said to establish a simple fact

A great marriage proposal doesn’t have to be an expensive or an extravagant affair. To women, it’s more important to cherish the good memories and not the bills; if one can remember this, the plans for a great and memorable act of proposing shall show up without any further effort.

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