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Less Expensive Wedding Ideas

~ Let’s discuss some less expensive wedding ceremony options. ~

In the past, couples would cringe at the idea of exchanging wedding vows in the courthouse, nowadays it’s not that uncommon. I was a witness for one of my family members who exchanged vows in the judges chambers, the ceremony was short and quite comical, then we had dinner out at one of the couples favorite restaurants. Remember to some couples it is more practical to spend their money on the reception, so they don’t have to limit the number of guests they want to include in the reception.

Small Gatherings

Another idea is to have small gathering including immediate family members in your own home or backyard. As for the reception, keep it simple. Invite a few close friends over for a barbecue after the ceremony. Or if you have a winter in-house wedding and reception, you can have dinner catered.

Church Reception

Inexpensive Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Since most couples want to have a traditional wedding ceremony in a church, there is ways to keep costs to a minimum. First of all, most churches have reception accommodations, they either have a small banquet room for special occasions or they can create an area for a reception.

Use Family

Ask family and friends to expedite their individual talents, give them a job to do. Remember, we mentioned before, family members want to be involved as much as they can, so you may as well allow them.

Start with the photographer, who is the one person in your family that always has a camera everywhere they go? You can also have a videographer. Who are the great cooks? Give them the menu and the guest list. Also designate servers for food, punch, coffee and cake. Have the food set up cafeteria style. Just about anyone can decorate, rent a helium tank from a local party supply store, balloons and streamers are fairly inexpensive. And if your decorating committee has a flair for art, they can create banners and signs.

You will have to check with the church to see if they allow alcoholic beverages. But if they don’t, there is nothing wrong with an alcohol free reception. I know a lot of couples that desire their special day to end at a reasonable hour so they can spend time alone instead of entertaining guests all night.

All Great Wedding Ideas, and all are becoming more and more common due to higher costs of living!

Another way to exchange wedding vows in on a boat. In Minnesota the St Croix and Mississippi rivers have excursion boats for wedding ceremonies. This is especially beautiful for Fall weddings, Using colorful trees for backgrounds in your wedding ceremony pictures is stunning. Renting these boats for a minimal fee will allow you to invite a fair amount of guests. Depending on the time of year, call six months to a year in advance Calling ahead and planning is especially important if you have to coordinate schedules with a minister or whom ever you choose to perform the wedding ceremony. You should ask them if they offer wedding ceremony packages or deals. Some packages include snacks, food or beverages, if the package fees seem too unreasonable, simply rent the boat for a couple of hours then proceed to your wedding reception destination.

Some couples decide they want to have a wedding reception at a Casino. The price per plate is reasonably priced and the food is very good.

Remember what is most important.

That is the couple who is deciding to make the life long commitment. The wedding ceremony and reception celebrations can be a lot of fun, but they do not make the recipe for the success of a happy marriage.

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